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Four pronunciation problems

How to say clothes, answer, island, woman and women correctly.

One seagull is shouting at another seagull so obviously not using silent letters.

Woman! You haven’t answered my question – how much did you spend on clothes for the island holiday?

1. Clothes
Pronounce this word like the word close as in: Please close the door.
• I wear my best clothes (close) when I go to church.

2. Answer
Don’t pronounce the w.
• She gave the correct answer. (anser)

3. Island
Pronounce this word eye-land. The is silent.
• He was lost on the island (eye-land)

4. Woman and Women
Woman is pronounced wuh-mah-n.
Women is pronounced wuh-meh-n.

Remember: close – anser – eye-land – wuh-mah-n, wuh-meh-n.
  • ‘We are sinking. We are sinking.’
    ‘What are you thinking?’

    ‘Four candles. Handles for forks.’

  • Silent b and k
    In words ending with -mb the last b is silent. When you see kn- you only say the –n. (3:15)

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