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ESL Websites & Resources

The best ESL websites and resources for online students of English can be found on this page

The internet is full of ESL websites and resources – but which of them will really help you?

If you want to improve your English listening skills or practise your pronunciation or try some English grammar exercises which website should you use? So that you don’t need to waste time using websites which give you nothing I have spent many hours looking for you and I have made a list of the best ESL websites and resources to help you with your English. And to make it even easier for you, I have put them into easy-to-use groups.


‘How can I improve my spoken English fast?’ is a common question from students. Try these ESL speaking resources to make speaking a little faster.

A free online talking dictionary. Type a word in the box, click submit, and listen.

Ship or sheep
Help with English pronunciation for words that sound similar. For example, the difference between ship and sheep.

Easy English Pronunciation
A guide to the correct pronunciation of English.

English Club
Pronunciation Games

Language Guide
Explore the world of English vocabulary in a sound guide. Touch or place your cursor over an object, word, or phrase to hear it pronounced aloud.

BBC Pronunciation Workshop
These pronunciation videos show you how English is really spoken. It will help you become a better listener and a more fluent speaker.

Talk English
Use very simple phrases and expressions to help you with your English speaking.

A very simple tool to record your voice. Read some text and play it back. Do you sound like Sherlock Holmes yet?



Listening websites for ESL students.

Lots of easy-to-listen to English language conversations and exercises for intermediate ESL students.

A library of listening activities for students of all levels.

Talk English
Daily listening practice.

English Speak
100 English listening lessons at different levels.

ESL Bits
A large library of audio books.

Audio Books
More audio books – this time on YouTube.

YouTube is full of videos to help you.



English vocabulary tools and websites for students.

Word Hippo
An excellent ESL vocabulary tool to help you learn words. Type in your keyword and ask it to show you similar words, opposites, English pronunciation, and lots more.

Put your keyword in the box at the top of the page, click submit. It will then show you lots of English words, with definitions, connected to your keyword.

Vocabulary Index
Simple vocabulary words used in daily life grouped into themes such as tableware, law and order, tastes, and of course the weather.

Vocabulary Lists
More English word lists by topic. This time with pronunciation help and some vocabulary games and exercises to make it more enjoyable.

English Adverbs List
Every English adverb that you will ever need to know. And a few you won’t.

List Adjectives
Lots and lots, and lots, of English adjectives.

Antonyms and Synonyms Quiz
Antonym and synonym quizzes and exercises for all levels of ESL students.

Advanced Antonyms and Synonyms Quiz
As the title says, for advanced students.

Vocab Sushi
A simple English vocabulary learning quiz for upper-intermediate and advanced ESL students.

Another English vocabulary learning quiz for upper-intermediate and advanced ESL students. Lucky you!

English Portal
Lots of English vocabulary building exercises for all levels.

Agenda Web
Many, many English vocabulary exercises for all levels.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles for all levels of ESL students.

Test Your Vocab
How many English words do you know? Take this test to find out.

World English
Look on the let-hand side and you will see enough English vocabulary exercises to keep you busy for the rest of your life.

Road to Grammar
Exactly 365 quizzes about English grammar and vocabulary. Should keep you busy for exactly one year.

Blair English
All the lessons and exercises on this site focus on building your ESL vocabulary in both general and business English.

Esl Lab
A very old and ugly website, but it has a large library of listening and vocabulary resources to help all levels of ESL students.

Use flashcards to help you learn new English words. You can either make your own or use the large library of existing cards. I also recommend you try Learn, Speller, Test and Scatter.

English Vocabulary
Lists of English words to learn and games to help you learn them.



A good dictionary is an essential online resource for ESL students. If you don’t use one then your English won’t improve. Take a look at this list of English dictionaries, choose one and use it!

Macmillan Dictionary
The best online English-English dictionary there is. I use it.

The Cambridge Online Dictionary
More detail than Macmillan.

Longman Dictionary
If you don’t like Cambridge or Macmillan then try this very good English dictionary.

The Oxford Online Dictionary
Especially good if you are studying for an ESL certificate.

Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary
Excellent English-English dictionary for intermediate ESL students.

A dictionary for advanced ESL students. Type in a word and you will get a definition and many example sentences to help you understand the meaning and use of the word. An excellent free ESL resource for students.

Phrasal Verb Dictionary for Intermediate Students
If you are an intermediate student and need help with understanding phrasal verbs then take a look at this online dictionary.

Phrasal Verb Dictionary for Advanced Students
Advanced students who need help with their phrasal verbs should take a look at this online dictionary.

Synonym Dictionary
If you want to increase your English vocabulary then this useful resource will be a big help.

Thesaurus Dictionary
Similar to the previous dictionary, but with more detail.

Rhyme Dictionary
There are 127 words that rhyme with sword. To find out what they are, use this dictionary of English words that rhyme.

Phrases Dictionary
If you really want to know what raining cats and dogs means then take a look in this online dictionary. Even with an ad blocker you still get the page covered with horrible adverts though.

Slang Dictionary
Old. Simple. Excellent.


Games & Quizzes

English vocabulary quizzes and word games.

Brain Teasers, Riddles, Trivia, and more.

Quiz Factor
Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes, and even more quizzes.

English Club’s List of Quizzes
Lots of different quizzes to practise your English vocabulary, grammar, spelling and pronunciation.

Vocabulary Games
A large collection of word games to help you learn more words.

The Problem Site
Even more word games. Some games need you to log in, but most of the games can be played without doing so.

East of the Web Games
Not a language learning website, but these simple word games will help you use real-life English.

BBC Quizzes
Crosswords and quizzes from the BBC.

English Media Lab
Lots of online ESL activities for both children and adults. Unfortunately, the site is badly organised.



Short stories and reading websites for ESL students.

Very Short Stories
A collection of short stories for intermediate students.

Every Writer’s Resource
Short stories which can be read by upper-intermediate students in about 15 minutes. Intermediate students will take a little longer.

Classic Reader
A collection of short stories to improve reading comprehension – for upper-intermediate and advanced students.

East of the Web Short Stories
These stories haven’t been written for language learners so they will be great for you to experience real-life English.

Museum of Hoaxes
A collection of hoaxes to improve reading comprehension and put a smile on your face.

Urban Legends Online
A collection of short and very short stories that may be true, but on the other hand they may not be.

BBC News
Thousands of excellent English language news articles, videos and podcasts using excellent English.

The Guardian Newspaper
A newspaper that uses excellent English. If you are an intermediate student try a short article or video first. If you are more advanced try something longer.


Video Learning

Video lessons for ESL students.

BBC Learning English
Lots of English learning videos to help you with pronunciation and vocabulary.

Lots of good video lectures. Unfortunately, the exercises after the lectures are not so good.

Speech Yard
An interesting website that helps you understand films made in English. Choose a film or clip from their library, and as you watch it the words are displayed as interactive subtitles.


Mistakes & Corrections

Websites to stop common mistakes in English.

A very simple online spell checker for English. I like things that are simple.





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