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If you really, really need to speak better in English, and you are a hard-working student, then I am the teacher for you.

My name is Gary Skyner and I have been a native English teacher for more than 15 years.

I will help you, not by giving you the answers, but by teaching you to see your mistakes, and to show you how to correct them yourself. I want to stop you needing a teacher.

I started teaching online in 2010 and immediately saw the huge benefits that it can bring to my students, and the pleasure I could get from creating interesting and helpful lessons for them. I was creative before going online, but now I have the whole internet to play with.

To find out why online lessons are so much better than
traditional classroom lessons read my Online Lesson Guide.

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To see me being creative look at my YouTube channel. It has lots of four-minute video lessons which you will enjoy. 

People often ask me about my teaching methods or my teaching philosophy. People also like lists, so here’s my teaching philosophy in a list:

  1. I keep things simple.
  2. Short lessons, and often.
  3. I am very patient.
  4. If you don’t understand something I will repeat it.
  5. If you don’t understand something I will repeat it.
  6. Real-life material is the best and most interesting material for a student so, I use it. Most coursebooks are boring so, I don’t use them.
  7. I won’t give you the answers. I will give you the skills to find the answers yourself.
  8. I believe that a student should first be entertained before they can learn something.
  9. I don’t believe in luck, or magic, or astrology or
  10. I believe that if I don’t get better at something then it is my fault.
  11. I won’t teach you everything because you don’t need everything.
  12. Vidal Sassoon said a very true thing once. “The only place success comes before hard work is in the dictionary.”
  13. Everyone makes mistakes. I do. You do. My dog does. Laugh about them, try again.
  14. I am not superstitious, but just to be sure I have added a point 14.

And finally, I agree with Lizzie . . .

As well as a native teacher I am also a Scouser, Liverpool FC fan, lover, dog owner, part-time master chef, cyclist, world traveller, wine quaffer, beer drinker, occasional reader of literature, hedonist, capitalist, website creator, wars fought, bears wrestled, puzzles solved, test planes flown, women in distress rescued, storyteller, raconteur, funny guy, fighter of good causes, defender of beliefs, part-time chandelier cleaner, soldier of fortune, bon viveur, casual hero, and philosopher. In short, a living legend.

As mentioned above I have been a Liverpool fan since I was born. My dad is a fan and his dad was also. I have been to hundreds of games, and got stressed during many major finals, and this sound never fails to give me goose bumps.

My skills

Before I finish this page, I would like to invite you to view a couple of other pages on my website:

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If you have a question, please ask. Or just send me an e-mail to say hello.


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If you have a question, please ask.
Or just send me an e-mail to say hello.